Owning an Escape

The benefits of buying your own luxury property are obvious: you'll not only have an exclusive getaway for weekends and holidays, but also a valuable long-term asset for your family. Somewhere you can escape for a few weeks a year, while drawing income the rest of the time.
Buying a holiday home can be a shrewd long-term investment for many years to come.
What's more, we can help you to enjoy immediate financial returns with the option of a fully-managed holiday lettings service via our lettings partner.
We are the specialists in buying and selling holiday homes. Indeed, our deep knowledge and experience make us one of a kind in the UK. It's something we’re proud of – and something we think you'll be glad of.

Opportunities for investors

Escape & Discover offer a complete solution for investors, including:
  • Helping to identify the perfect property to suit your circumstances and portfolio.
  • Giving you sound advice about where, when and how to invest.
  • Taking care of the sales process for you, making the whole thing painless and stress-free.
And for those seeking an immediate return by renting their property out as a holiday home, we offer a bespoke lettings management service. This includes:
  • Marketing your property – experts in marketing luxury holiday accommodation all year round, using online and offline marketing and PR channels to attract the right people in the right price range, ensuring a lucrative return for you.
  • Dealing with the admin - taking care of all the insurance and legal compliance, as well as all the paperwork with the tenants. So you can relax and watch the returns come in without any of the admin headaches.
  • Looking after the property – ensuring that the cleaning, linen and laundry services, property management, property maintenance and out of hours emergencies are dealt with by the best qualified providers.

Finance is key

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Investor services

All client funds deposited with Escape and Discover are fully segregated from the company’s own funds and are kept in a separate Client Bank Account. This ensures that funds belonging to clients held in the Client Account cannot be used for any other purpose and kept separate from the business and remain safe even if the company become insolvent.