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Consultancy services for developers

Developing holiday homes can be a minefield for the unprepared. Here at Escape & Discover we've seen it all. We know all the pitfalls and can guide you through the developing process. Locating suitable sites, planning, acquisition, financing, valuations, insuring, marketing, building, legal requirements and client management. You'll find everything you need right here in one place, something no one else can offer.
You may be thinking of developing your own land or acquiring a site to develop, if so we have the expertise and experience to help. We can provide consultancy advice and draw vast experience from working with the biggest sites and leading developers in this specialist sector.
We know the market
Working with a specialist broker who has mortgaged hundreds of units over the past 15 years we've built up a lot of industry knowledge. We analyse the entire market, not just the local pockets of developments we're involved with. This 'bigger picture' means we know what all your competitors are doing and can uncover any gaps in the market.
Finding your customers
Wondering how to attract the right customer to the right development? We can bring you information regarding client types, geographical locations and what is likely to appeal to different customers - with the case studies to back it up. We also have a substantial database of clients actively looking to invest in different locations and at different price points.
Financing is our forte
We use Omnis Financial Solutions to arrange the specialist finance required to acquire and develop sites. But rest assured we'll be there at every step to coordinate and support. Likewise for the end user, who need adequate finance in place for acquiring plots and build contracts. This is an important area as lack of finance can have a negative affect on the whole developing chain.
Getting the right protection
Did you know that you need insurance for the build itself? And that securing your build by using a charge can get very messy sometimes? We know the right type of protection you need. The end customer, too, needs to have the correct type of insurance in place on completion, with considerations made to the construction type, proximity to water and occupancy restrictions; they are not easy to insure.
Planning from the word go
Often, disasters happen for developers in the early stages. We have proven experience in planning and know everything there is to know about occupancy restrictions, including the potential for adapting them in the future. We have case studies for when this has worked smoothly - and some from other projects where it hasn't. You can also get advice about the pros and cons of setting up your own builder to build for clients, or allowing buyers to self-build.
Construction advice
Our team is specialised in methods of construction and the impact this has on the whole of the sales process, particularly insurance and finance. We can also advise on occupancy restrictions when building, and what is and isn't allowed. For many end users our expertise has proved to be invaluable.

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